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 (Caring Is Our Pride!)

About Us

Grace and Mercy Home Care Services makes it its prime goal to give the most deserved care to its patients and clients. Day by day more people are seeking the care and services they deserve and we are here to satisfy this need. We strive to bring out

the best in our patients by helping them to be as independent as possible. Our service coordinators visit the patients on location to introduce themselves to the patients and to create a security for the patients. This makes them know who they speak to over the phone.

Such visits maybe scheduled or unscheduled as they also serve as supervisory visits for the aides. They, in another way keep them to the objectives of their jobs and not to put up their best behavior only when they know they are going to have a coodinator visit that day.

Our services are amongst the best, if not the best. We care for and we love our patients and we do everything within our power to keep the trust they place in us.