Ours nurses, social workers, and therapists are dedicated to promoting the good health of our patients; they stay in constant communication with the patients' physicians to ensure maximum care. 

Our aides go through a three-day in-service and 8 hours of orientation before being sent on an initial visitation to start work. 

>>>> Each and everyone of our employees is skillfully trained to offer the best customer service by giving the patients a listening ear and by offering suggestions when solving patient complaints and problems. 

>>>> We specialize in making the patient as independent as possible thereby giving the hope of living a resourceful life. Our Home Health Aides, Personal Care Aides, Homemakers, & Companions go through yearly mandatory in-service to refresh and update their knolwdge.

>>>> They are able to use thermometers, blood pressure machines, hoyer lifts, and body mechanics to achieve the maximum caregiving. They are also given in-services in the patients' home to be able to tailor their care to the individual patient.  

>>>> Our home caregivers are especially trained to draw healthy menus for the individual patient to suit his/her nutritional needs and to avoid what is likely to make their conditions worse. 

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